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​Mission Statement


CPR is an animal rescue organization run solely by volunteers. Our primary goal is to save dogs from euthanization at shelters as a result of factors such as a lack of funding and space. These wonderful animals are put at risk because they have no one to claim and adopt them. We aim to give them the second chance that they so deserve. Our animals come to us from shelters around DFW and stay in foster homes where they are given the medical attention (vaccinations, surgeries, heart worm testing, etc…) and care that they deserve.

Dog of the Week:  Senior Sheelah
Sheelah, Irish for impaired vision, is approx 10-12 yrs old.  She was someone’s baby that got lost, and no one came to the shelter to find her.  She is smart and very healthy.  We did the big blood work package and everything was perfect.  She has cataracts which is causing her blindness.  She will need to be spayed in a couple of weeks but other than that, she is ready for a new home.  She gets around the home very nicely.